New Insight: A Guide to Promoting Health and Safety Best Practice

Whether you work in a high-risk industry or a typical office environment, establishing a comprehensive health and safety policy is crucial.

Employers are duty-bound to protect the physical wellbeing of their employees. Aside from reducing risk of injury to workers (an important facet of health and safety), failure to do so can cost companies thousands of pounds in legal fees and lost time should an incident occur in the workplace.

More than that, cultivating a positive attitude towards health and safety confers a diverse range of benefits on both employer and employee.

Ensure that all employees understand and engage with your health and safety  policy. Get the step-by-step best practice guide.

Why Health and Safety is so Important

Statistics show engaged employees who feel safe and secure while performing their duties are less likely to be involved in a workplace incident. Productivity and morale are higher as a result, primarily because individuals know their employer is looking out for them. From the latter perspective, a focus on health and safety helps cultivate a positive company reputation among stakeholders, prospective clients, and employees.

The onus falls on employers to set health and safety standards, in the first instance. Nevertheless, everyone within the organisation is at least partially responsible for its successful implementation.

As such, the communication channels used to distribute health and safety best practice must be clearly defined, engaging, and easily accessible.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Promoting Health and Safety

Effective communication goes beyond spreading health and safety policy amongst your workforce via a basic email chain or Excel spreadsheet. Instead, employers need to find ways to present information in a format that resonates with employees.

Our newest eBook highlights the steps you can take to ensure employees engage with health and safety policy, instead of leaving it in the handbook.

What's included?

  1. Why is workplace safety important in a business?
  2. Who is responsible for health and safety?
  3. Health and safety law and regulations
  4. The five steps to promote health and safety

Download the eBook

As well as the specific points mentioned above, our new guide provides in-depth coverage on the ways you can promote health and safety best practice in your organisation. This includes key insights about employee engagement, communication channels, management methods, and much more.

Download your free copy today.


How to Promote H&S Best Practice eBook


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