Prepare Your Franchise for a Safe Return to Work

Safetybank is uniquely positioned to aid franchise owners and operators in ensuring COVID-secure protocols, as well as general H&S practices.


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Safetybank is the only Covid-19 health and safety system specifically developed to handle the unique dynamics of the franchisor/franchisee relationship. 

Our software gives you full visibility of the health and safety performance of any person, site, or piece of equipment across your franchise, with reminders and alerts to ensure important tasks aren’t missed.

Safetybank empowers franchisors to:

  • Quickly create, store, review, and update incident reports in real-time
  • Maintain visibility of the health and safety performance of franchisees
  • Amend franchise policies and cascade updates down to franchisees at any time

Our software is auditable to HSE standards, too. Every transaction and form is retained in the system permanently and can be accessed whenever necessary.

Safetybank is cost-effective, easy to use, and feature-rich. It’s the perfect health and safety management system to oversee your franchise’s return to the workplace.

Guarantee your sites are fit to welcome teams back. Fill out the adjacent form to download our free franchise return to work checklist.

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