Reducing Risk in Construction

Safetybank’s newest study of 2,000 UK construction companies reveals their compliance with health & safety laws. Download the report to find out more.

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The construction industry accounts for the second-highest mortality rate in the country by sector. A worrying number of construction companies are putting their workers at risk by failing to comply with basic health and safety laws.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires every construction company to keep well-maintained records of all health and safety matters within the company.

Safetybank polled 2,000 UK construction companies, revealing a picture of an industry with a dangerous lack of workplace safety standards.

Inside the Report:

  • How companies lack confidence for an on-the-spot HSE site inspection
  • Why organisations logging their health and safety compliance matters
  • The effect of administrative costs on health and safety recording procedures
  • The scope of companies not currently meeting the expected standard of health and safety

Please download our newest report, ‘Reducing Risk in Construction’ using the adjacent form to see the results of 2,000 UK construction companies.

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