New Download: The Checklist for Transitioning to ISO 45001

The new international safety standard, ISO 45001, creates an comprehensive framework for managing health and safety matters within your business. Although introduced in 2018, the deadline for companies to transition to the new standard is March 2021. Designed to help prevent many of the avoidable accidents that occur in the workplace, ISO 45001 is a distinct change from the previous standard, OHSAS 18001.

Ensure your business is ready to transition to ISO 45001 by March 2021 with our  free checklist. Download here.

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is a process-based standard designed to help companies with their responsibility to keep employees safe by protecting them from work-related injury and risk. The standard was developed by national and international committees and focuses on both safety and upholding compliance. 

ISO 45001 actively targets upper-level management in businesses to engage them in health and safety matters, helping to ensure best practice is communicated and filtered throughout the business. ISO 45001 aims to transform the way businesses deal with occupational health and safety (OHS). The new standard moves away from simply classifying hazards and instead encourages organisations to take a more proactive approach in identifying risks. 

Does Every Business Need to Transition?

Transitioning to ISO 45001 is not a legal requirement - however, if your company is already using OHSAS 18001 you will need to have transitioned to the new standard by March 2021 to keep your certification. 

ISO 45001 helps businesses of all sizes. Companies wanting to show compliance and an understanding of health and safety best practice will benefit from utilising the standard, as will those enterprises concerned with reputation. Adherence to the standard reveals a company's dedication to employee wellbeing and the willingness of top-level management to integrate health and safety matters into all areas of the business.

Download The ISO 45001 Transition Checklist

Transitioning to the new standard can feel overwhelming. We've created a completely free, fully comprehensive checklist to help ensure your business is ready for the change and to highlight any actions that need to be taken if not.

This checklist looks at all areas of the business and assesses your readiness, helping you perform a gap analysis to deduce what, if anything, needs to be addressed. Extensively covering all sections of the standard, the checklist will prepare you for the move to ISO 45001.

What's Included in the Checklist?

  • A look at each individual clause of ISO 45001
  • Descriptions of each clause
  • An easy to understand traffic light system designed to help you know what's applicable to your own business
  • Information regarding the differences between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001
  • How to undertake a gap analysis

To access the free checklist and view the document in full, download 'The Checklist for Transitioning to ISO 45001 From OHSAS 18001' here.




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