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Our Mission

Safetybank is the online health and safety information management tool for the built environment. Essential yet cost-effective, it’s transforming end-to-end risk management across the supply chain.

What is Safetybank?

Safetybank - Save it, Track it, Share it.
Safetybank - Save it, Track it, Share it.

Safetybank is led by industry experts in health, safety and the construction and property sectors.

Founded in 2003, the company began with an extensive audit of the construction and property industries, a process inspired by feedback from the construction industry and its insurance partners that risk needed to be effectively managed at the front end. From major principal contractors and developers to smaller subcontractors, a common problem was identified. Approaches to health and safety management varied significantly and there was no common – or easy – process around the storage and maintenance of information.

Safetybank was designed with an intuitive interface that would make it easy to use – and simple to pass on – to staff and partner companies. Information could be stored efficiently and tasks created to ensure that deadlines were not missed. Most importantly of all, Safetybank was designed as an interactive and connected system that could be shared with business partners throughout a project and across the supply chain.