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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I use Safetybank for?

Safetybank allows you to manage every aspect of your health and safety requirements with the minimum of fuss, from wherever you are. You can use Safetybank to keep all of your safety and project information in one place. It also enables you to share important documents and information freely without having to have multiple copies of any one document in many places. Also you can keep in contact with your personnel through Safetybank.

Q. How will Safetybank benefit me?

Safetybank will benefit to you by keeping all safety records and information in one place, accessible by all working on your projects, to ensure that all Health and Safety recommendations are adhered to, therefore reducing admin time and piles of paperwork around the office. It will also help you to manage tasks for your workforce and contractors efficiently and notify you of any outstanding issues that need to be completed.

Q. How much will it cost?

Please visit our pricing page to discover how cost effective Safetybank will be for your organisation.

Q. How will it reduce my costs?

By improving efficiency and reducing the time it takes to manually manage all aspects of Health and Safety. It also prevents financial loss through unplanned downtime and financial penalty. Which in turn reduces the threat of legal action. Another great benefit is that it will lower employee absence and turnover rates.

Q. Will it save me time?

Yes. It will reduce the amount of admin time spent searching for relevant information and documents by storing them all in one place. Making them accessible all the time simply by logging into Safetybank. All the information will only need to be entered once, thereby reducing the time to enter the same information time and again on unwieldy spreadsheets and other documents. This information can then be shared with minimum of fuss!

Q. Will it prevent accidents from happening?

It will reduce the chances of accidents occurring on site by enabling you to see if all your staff have the relevant training and prevent “at risk” operatives from carrying out activities that they aren’t trained for whilst ensuring you’re aware of any tests you need to be carried out on your equipment. Essentially Safetybank will ensure that you will have the right person, with the relevant training, working on the correct project, with the appropriate training to use the most suitable piece of equipment, which has been checked, tested and fully maintained.

Q. Could I use Safetybank for my Risk Assessments and Method Statements?

Absolutely. You are able to store all your Risk Assessments and Method Statements on Safetybank and apply them to your projects and personnel members effortlessly. Also using our simple wizards, you can easily create new ones and convert them into PDF documents tailored with your company logo.

Q. Who can use Safetybank?

Anyone can use Safetybank to help them with their day to day management of Health and Safety requirements. Regardless of the type of organisation, Safetybank is a great tool to be used in any environment as it can be tailored to suit all types of companies.

Q. Am I able to see if Safetybank is suitable for me beforehand?

Yes. You can register for a free 7 day trial to enable you to see the benefits of Safetybank. You can sign up for your free trial on this site and we will contact you to ensure you get the best from your trial period.

Q. What can I do if I have any questions about Safetybank?

There are many ways to contact our friendly Customer Service team.

Phone: 03330041111


Q. What happens if I am on site and don't have access to my computer?

Safetybank has a free mobile app which is compatible with IOS, Android or Windows mobile operating systems so you and any member of your staff are able to manage and complete tasks whilst on site or on the move.

Q. Am I able to see if my suppliers Health and Safety records are up to date?

If you are a client or principal contractor, you will be able to see all your Contractors Health and Safety records and whether they have issues that need resolving.

Q. Where is all the information stored?

The information is stored in a secure, resilient, cloud based platform which means that your information is accessible at any time, wherever you may be.

Q. I often work with other contractors, will I be able to add them on to Safetybank?

Yes, you can invite them to join Safetybank and affiliate their project with yours. This will give you visibility of their projects and ensure that your entire project chain in tracked and saved.

Q. Will my contractors need to register?

Yes. Your contractors will have to register to enable you to view the projects they have affiliated with yours. Once they have, you will be able to easily view whether they are documenting and maintaining accepted Health and Safety procedures on your site.

Q. Will my suppliers have to pay for Safetybank as well?

Yes, they will have to pay their own membership fees once their free trial period is over.

Q. What happens when the project I am working on has been completed? Will I still continue to pay for it?

No, once your project is over, you simply mark is as completed and you will not receive any further charges for a project that is not active.

Q. What happens to a project which is closed? Can I still access it?

Once a project is marked as completed, it will be archived and you will have access to view the project. You can also choose to restore it. Once a project is resorted, you will be charged until it is marked as closed again.