New Download: The Checklist for a Successful Health & Safety Audit

A health and safety audit provides insights into safety compliance within your organisation. As the process is structured and methodical, the data gathered is more detailed than what decision-makers see day-to-day. Moreover, an audit sheds light on the areas of your business where health and safety processes are incorrect, inefficient, or not understood.

Free Downloadable Checklist: Click here to get everything you need to know  about conducting a successful health & safety audit 

The Benefits of a Health & Safety Audit

Using the data from an audit, organisations can instigate actions of improvement with measurable outcomes - with the added knowledge of exactly where, who, or what in your business is not safety compliant. This ensures long-term improvements and gives employees safety goals to strive for. 

Additionally, an organised assessment of all safety processes will highlight both negative and positive behaviours in your business. This not only reveals crucial areas for improvement, but also the individuals or teams that follow best practice and encourage a culture of safety. 

Is a Health & Safety Audit a Legal Requirement?

Health and safety audits are not a legal requirement; however, they’re a highly recommended method of regulating business compliance for compulsory safety legislation, such as The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

Conducting health and safety audits regularly will safeguard your business against potentially costly on-the-spot inspections and fines by regulatory bodies, such as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or your local authorities. 

Download The Checklist for a Successful Health & Safety Audit

We've created a free comprehensive health and safety audit checklist to help you improve auditing, remain compliant, and maintain safety best practice.

This document includes the necessary components that should be incorporated into a health and safety audit, including the three basic components for success and a step-by-step of key processes.

What's Included in the Checklist?

  • Preparation
  • Research
  • Organisational Commitments 
  • Conducting Your Audit
  • Reporting
  • Publishing Your Findings 

To view the free checklist document in full, and to learn more about the essential elements that form a health and safety audit, download 'The Checklist for Successful Health & Safety Audit' here. 

Free Checklist: Conduct a Successful Health & Safety Audit


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