Safetybank Comments on the Recent CSCS Card Scheme Fraud Scandal

Last night’s expose on how a minority of training companies are helping construction workers fraudulently gain their Construction Skills Certification Scheme card to get work in the construction industry was certainly eye-opening. As a British Construction Industry award-winning safety platform, here's our response.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card scheme is a recognised standard and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is continuously looking to improve the scheme and combat fraudulent cards and unskilled workers receiving them from test centres like those displayed in last night’s news.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that some training organisations are taking advantage of the shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry, and many construction companies simply aren’t equipped with the tools they need to ensure new starters are suitably qualified.

Elevated Safety Requirement Standards

At Safetybank, our clients are able to set elevated standards of safety requirements from the outset. In many cases they employ the CSCS card, but more often than not, they go on to utilise the predefined application; improving upon it in with reference to the roles individual's play.

The unique identity of each individual provides a biometric history for each employee, ensuring the correct employees complete the requisite modules.

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Ongoing modular testing, supported by the combination and integration of eLearning and combined with recurring test alerts from Safetybank, ensure organisations are able to make sure employees are fully aware of the safety requirements relevant to their individual roles.

Safetybank offers a wide range of certification schemes. Each of which enable organisations to inspect their employees and contractors, ensuring they've received the training necessary to perform their duties safely.

The industry shouldn’t universally discount the great work the CITB has done assisting in the development of these standards, just because of a handful of rogue training organisations. Instead, they should continue to adopt supplementary tools, like Safetybank, to keep their project teams safe and aware every minute they're on-site.

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